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SmartPower Products

SmartPower provides the highest quality and most cost effective products available for commercial application, many of which are unique in their capacity and functionality. We strive to be a leader in energy efficiency solutions for our customers, and hope that with your continued trust and support we will all continue to move in this positive direction.

SmartPower customers know that buying or converting to green products is hardly a sacrifice. Quite to the contrary, our customers have found that our quality products are both efficient and cost effective. Should you need assistance while browsing our product catalog, our service representatives are standing by to help you better understand product specifications, performance data and the numerous benefits available to you and our environment.

SmartPower Technologies provides our clients all of the services necessary to identify and address the unique challenges associated with going green. Through a combination of proven strategies, innovative ideas and technological capabilities, our team of professionals work with you to establish a comprehensive road map which expedites the process, ensures energy savings and maximizes environmental sustainability. In short, SmartPower is your single point of contact to achieve the most efficient alternative energy solutions.

Our systematic approach includes:

  • Identification of Energy Inefficiencies
  • Assessment of Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Recommendation of Economical Energy Solutions
  • Facilitation of Financing and Capital Plan
  • Application of Federal and State Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Installation and Maintenance of Appropriate Systems
  • Featured Services
  • Consultation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Funding
  • Block Grants

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